Crossing The 50 Yard Line
"Is there life after 50?"
..."I don't care if we don't use it anymore," Rebecca said, "that piano has to stay or move over my dead body." The old piano. That's what Lucy had become. No more. No less. No longer useful, but necessary to keep the family alive.
Seven women, seven different stories. Three hundred and fifty years of life between them, but all singularly feeling too young to give up or give in, some faced with life decisions.
Stories of running away from a painful past, present or future. Stories of self-discovery by women who got lost somewhere between childhood and now.
Michele Beaudin, 2011 Living Now Book Award winner, is a freelance writer and photographer who has been published in many newspapers and magazines over the last 30 years. She was born in Montreal and has lived in four countries, two provinces in Canada and four states.
A mother of three daughters and with almost six grandchildren, she currently resides with her husband in Tallahassee Florida and retreats to her cabin in the mountains, in Mentone Alabama to discover new subjects to photograph and new characters to write about.
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