Visions of Reality - Illusions of Truth
Welcome to a Wisconsin gem in the heart of Door County.

"The Clearing" offers enchanted landscapes where all windows encompass earth, water and sky.

Award winning author and photographer Michèle Vachon Beaudin takes you on a magical journey through a night in the Cliff House, writing her own brand of poetry as she captures the images of a sunset, peaceful night and the birth of a new day.

Images and words, visions and illusions are all brought together in a thoughtful blend of poems and photographs. Each poem appears to be a simple fleeting thought but unravels to display a deeper meaning and appreciation of the life around us. See if the images provoke similar thoughts in your mind.

ISBN 978-0-9826877-1-0

Brought you by 2011 Living Now Book Award winning author Michèle Vachon Beaudin.
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