Crossing The Dream Line
Winner of 2011 Living Now Book Award for Women's Fiction

Ten years have passed since Barbara, Betsy, Clara, Jackie, Julie, Lucy and Patricia celebrated their 50th birthdays. As the women approach a new decade, they come face to face with dreams that may never come true and ones yet to be unleashed in their mind's eye. Some are torn between their own yearning for validation and their children's need for attention while others still seek to find a more meaningful purpose to their existence. With a unique twist, the author chronicles the women's journey down life's sometimes tortuous pathways in this sequel to 'Crossing the 50 Yard Line'. ISBN 978-0-9826877-0-3

L. Shad -

I met you at the artist open house in Mentone a few weeks ago.  I purchased your two "Crossing" books and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them.  I am in my 48th year and connect with many of the issues of your women."  
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